Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900
Derma Red PLUS P900

Derma Red PLUS P900

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The PLUS range are our mid range marvel.

The Derma Red P900 PLUS contains 4 Wavelengths of light. 630nm, 660nm, 830nm, and 850nm to give you a broader range of red and infrared light.

There are 300, 5W LED's giving maximum power output.

This device is flicker-free thanks to the upgraded power drivers used to power the LEDs

The Lamp is controlled using a digital control panel which not only allows you to use all the LEDs but allows you to choose only the red (630&660nm) or near-infrared (830&850nm) wavelengths of light as well.

The Control panel also contains a timer allowing the light to turn itself off after your chosen amount of time.

The Modular design allows these lights to be linked physically and electronically together, allowing you to build your own array of devices.

Connect your P900 PLUS to either other P900 PLUS models or the smaller P450 PLUS models.

Once linked together you use just one of the lights to control all of the lights.

The lamp can be hung using the supplied hanging cables and door hook or can be mounted to one of our stands to use in the most comfortable way for you.

Rubber feet on the back of the unit protect the surface you are hanging it from.

This Derma Red P900 PLUS comes with a 3 Year limited Warranty

• 90 mW/cm2 at 6"
• 72 mW/cm2 at 12"
• 56 mW/cm2 at 18"
• 46 mW/cm2 at 24"
• 37 mW/cm2 at 30"
• 30 mW/cm2 at 36"

*Readings taken from a Hopoo OHSP-350SF


P900 PLUS - Readings taken from a Tenmars TM206 Meter
• 154 mW/cm2 at 6"
• 129 mW/cm2 at 12"
• 100 mW/cm2 at 18"
• 79 mW/cm2 at 24"
• 63 mW/cm2 at 30"
• 50 mW/cm2 at 36"

Why do we have two different measurements? Because a Solar Power meter (such as the Tenmars TM206) overestimates the irradiance levels and is not an accurate representation of these levels. We have kept them here so you can do a fair comparison to other brands that still use these types of instruments to measure irradiance.

• LED Power class: 1500 Watts
• Power Consumption: 566w
• LEDs: 300 x 5W LEDs
• 75 x LEDs @ 630nm (Red Light)
• 75 x LEDs @ 660nm (Red Light)
• 75 x LEDs @ 830nm (Near-Infrared)
• 75 x LEDs @ 850nm (Near-Infrared)
• Beam angle: 60 degrees
• Amps @220v: 2.37A
• Voltage: 100-240V (Works Worldwide)
• Flicker rate: Flicker Free
• Dimensions: 915 x 300 x 101 mm
• Weight: 10.15Kg

Red Light Therapy

In the comfort of your own home

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Advanced Light Spectrum

An advanced spectrum of red and near-infrared light, peaking at 630nm, 660nm, 830nm and 850nm

High Power LEDs

5-watt LEDs are run at a lower maximum power to extend their life to 50,000 hours+

30 Day Trial

Take advantage of our 30-day trial. If you don't love it, send it back!

Digital Control panel

An easy to use, digital control panel with inbuilt timer

High-Tech engineering

High irradiance, Close to zero flicker and minimal EMFs. Exceptional build quality with safety at the core of our design.

4 Types of LEDs for a range of Red and near-infrared Light

Advanced Light Spectrum

The PLUS range contains an advanced spectrum of red and near-infrared light peaking at 4 of the most widely clinically studied wavelengths of red light.







Our Devices are thoroughly tested using advanced spectrometers at multiple stages of manufacture and after final assembly.

This ensures only the light we advertise is emitted from the device.

The integrated digital control panel controls all features of The Derma Red PLUS.

Digital Control Panel

Inbuilt timer

An Inbuilt timer allows you to set a timer in one-minute increments up to 20 minutes.

Select your light type

You can choose for all the lights to come on, Just Visible red light (630 & 660nm) or just Near-infrared (830 & 850nm)

Create a bespoke system for your needs

Modular design

Combine multiple devices, both physically and electronically

Control all the devices with only one digital control panel

Advanced LED power drivers minimize flicker

Minimal Flicker and Low EMF

Advanced shielding technology reduces harmful EMFs to zero from the recommended treatment distance of 6 inches. The flicker rate is 1%, one of the lowest measurements in its class.

Compatible with multiple mounting systems

Maximum mounting options

Door hanging kit (included)

Combination Stand

Boot stand


So far so good, used the lamp for 2 weeks, skin feels great, only had a few spots before but these have now gone, and less overall inflammation. Muscle recovery after running and lifting weights has also become quicker. just wish i had 5 more so i could do my whole body in one go.

Michael Alan Stone

Very well constructed. Excellent quality and service. Exceptionally well priced when comparing its build quality and features to competitors. Could be slightly improved in terms of stability if you want to stand it upright on a table.

SW, Cardiff

Derma Red Plus P900 is one of the most powerful red light therapy devices on the market. We are extremely happy with the product, overall excellent performance with so many health benefits. Super easy to operate with daily 15-20min sessions, very relaxing experience with slightly warm feeling, great to start the day with red light therapy.

Michael, Greenwich

Its built really well and its easy to set up. Feels powerful.
I've loved sitting or laying in front of it and after using it for 35 days straight I can say my whole body has more of a glow to it.

Georgia, Harlow

This led light has really helped me with back and knee issues. I use it most days and really appreciate the 20 minute timer.

Bea, France

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Di H (Hexham, United Kingdom)
Outstanding healing seen as a result of using this lamp. An absolute miracle worker!!

My daughter has been suffering from topical steroid withdrawal and her skin was in a desperate state. This product has been an absolute game changer. Improvements were seen even after a few days of use. It has given her her life back! as if she feels her skin is flaring at all she knows it will help her immediately.
I can’t recommend this product enough for skin inflammation and severe irritation. She couldn’t have coped without it.
Can’t thank you enough.
Great service and support too from this excellent company.
Perfect product for her.

Mickey Wallis (Poplar, United Kingdom)
Derma plus 900

We purchase our first Derma 900 just after Xmas and then another in July this year as we wanted to have top to toe benefits without having to move the light around. Ian from carelight kindly sold us a second hand stand as there were no new ones available. The stand with the additional light makes all the difference. The red light is part of our daily routine. If you use it in the morning it energizes you and in the evening helps you sleep. I find when I work from home if I’m flagging in the afternoon I’ll have a quick 10 mins and it really helps with my mood and concentration.

Some Of the other benefits my partner has noticed are tighter, smoother skin and reduced lines around the eyes. She absolutely loves it.

If you have the money and you are looking for a good quality red light product then carelamps is definitely the one and we highly recommend this product!!

Gina Parsons (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Plugged in!

Great service from Carelamps, although out of stock at the time i opted to pre order and this turned out to be a blessing as it gave me another 6 weeks to research the whole red light therapy subject. I specifically wanted this unit as it has the option of Red/infra red or a combination of the two wavelengths. Energy is at the top of my wish list and the research suggested a low dosage of red light (5-8jules) would be a good place to start to try and excite the little mitochondria fellas. Thanks to Ian here as i needed the irradiance numbers for just the red light aspect, he provided the numbers on the same day so i could calculate the timings/dosage and get cracking.Mostly using the red light with the occasional dabble of both on an arthritic knee and iffy shoulder. Does it work?
The evening of day 3 was interesting, a burst of energy like i had been plugged in to the mains(weird new and welcome) I am indeed seeing improved energy, also of note is better depth on the sleep front and a subtle sense of well being...loving it!.Still very early days and i look forward to the long term benefits on a slow and steady basis.
Many thanks

John Hemming (London, United Kingdom)

Derma Red PLUS P450

Mary Jane (Ilminster, United Kingdom)
I’m pleased with it

Good prompt service and very competitive price. I got the small wheeled base stand to go with it so it is easy to pull out and use. I like the digital display and timer so it switches off automatically after the allotted time. Too early to say about any significant changes but I can’t tell what’s going on deep in my body.

What's in the box?

Derma Red PLUS Device

Instruction Manual

Door hanging kit

Eye protection

Mains Power Cable
(UK or EU, depending on location)

Modular connection cables

ELITE vs PLUS vs Original

Here is an overview of the features available for each of our Red Light ranges. All our lights have powerful irradiances. For exact specifications, check out each product page.

4 Wavelengths of Light*
5 Wavelengths of Light**
Flicker Free
Zero EMF @ 6"
Digital Control Panel & Timer
Touch Screen Control Panel
Modular Design (connect multiple devices together both physically and electronically)
Wireless connectivity
Stand Compatible
Door hanging kit included
IR5 Glasses included

* 630nm, 660nm, 830nm, 850nm
** 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, 850nm

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