Derma UVB with table top stand switched on by Care Lamps
Derma UVB - Narrowband Phototherapy Lamp
Derma UVB with table top stand side view by Care Lamps
Derma UVB mounted to a table using the horizontal clamp by Care Lamps
Derma UVB horizontal surface clamp close up view by Care Lamps
Care Lamps Derma UVB showing the inside of the lamp shade with the UVB bulb fitted
Top of the Derma UVB by Care Lamps shade showing the on and off switch
Derma UVB embossed logo into the lamp shade
Derma UVB Box contents
UV400 Safety Glasses

Derma UVB - Narrowband Phototherapy Lamp

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• Tabletop Stand, Clamp, extension arm: Metal & plastic

• Shade: Plastic
Reflector: Aluminium

• Movable horizontally and vertically

• Tabletop stand for using on any flat surface

• Also contains a tabletop grip for base fastening on horizontal surfaces

• 220-240V

• Treatment area: of approximately 4.5cm x 12cm

• Fitted with a 150cm cable and your selected plug type

• Will need a voltage converter to work in the US.

• Philips PL-S Lamp

• Wattage 9W

• Useful Life of 1000 hr

• Depreciation 500 hours 15 %

• Main Application: Phototherapy

• Waveband emission: 305-315 nm

• Waveband emission peak: 311 nm

• Derma UVB Phototherapy Lamp fitted with Philips UVB Narrow Band bulb

• Tabletop stand

• Clamp

• UV400 Safety Goggle

• Treatment instructions for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian

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Treat your skin disease

With our medically certified, 311nm, narrowband UVB Phototherapy Device. Designed for Psoriasis, Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Vitiligo and similar conditions
Medically Certified

The Derma UVB is a medically certified class IIa phototherapy device.  We have gone through an extensive and expensive process to ensure our device is as safe as possible for you to use.

Our company and product have been audited by TUV NORD (notified body number 2274) and the Derma UVB has been designated the medical CE mark.  

Hands Free design

The articulated arm allows you to treat hard to reach places. Competitor's products require you to inconveniently hold the lamp in place. 
More convenient and without additional costs
Tired of trips to the hospital?

Forget having to waste your time and money. Use the Derma UVB in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Medical grade Philips PL-S 311nm Narrowband bulb
We use the same lamps as hospitals

Philips narrowband UVB bulbs are used in all our lights. These bulbs are used in hospital phototherapy units throughout the world. There are alternatives used in other lamps, usually manufactured and shipped from China which are untested and could be dangerous. Clinical studies around the world indicate that Philips UV lamps are the most effective lamps currently available for the treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo, as well as other less common skin diseases.

No Questions asked money back guarantee
Take advantage of our 30 day trial


Having suffered with sporadic outbreaks of psoriasis most of my life, with 2 weeks in the sun being the only thing which clears it up, I was sceptical about this product. But after a month of regular use the results have been better than I could have possibly imagined.

Ben Neul,

Great item!
After using for 2 weeks my Psoriasis improved greatly no more redness and my skin has not been as dry since.

Suffering from Psoriasis for 18 years this item has been a godsend.

R.H. , United Kingdom
What's in the box?

Our Derma UVB comes complete with both a Tabletop Stand and a Clamp for ultimate flexibility and usability. Not only can it be mounted on a desk, table or shelf, but you can also use the tabletop stand to position it anywhere!

Philips PL-S 311nm narrowband bulb.  Already fitted in the lamp.  The BEST for treating skin diseases

Treatment instructions.  Full setup and treatment instructions complete with suggested treatment schedule for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo. 

UV400 Safety Goggles.  CE approved to protect your eyes from the UVB rays

Full aftercare support.  If you have a question we will answer it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Adrian Hutchings (Poole, United Kingdom)
Treating finger psoriasis with UVB lamp

Hi Care Lamps,
I have have had psoriasis on my hands which causes painful, disabling splits on the tips of my fingers. I only use the lamp for treating my fingers. The lamp is straightforward to use.
I have been successfully using the UVB lamp for several weeks. However, although the psoriasis has considerably improved, it took longer than I expected and found that I had to increase the the use of the the lamp up to 30 minutes for each daily session to get a good effect. There hasn't been any burning or tanning. Perhaps the treatment times quoted in the booklet are over cautious.
Overall, I'm pleased with the result although it's been slow getting there!
NB After switching the lamp on I usually have to give a sharp tap after a while to get it to fully light up.

Mr Adrian Hutchings

Dawn Porch (Corby, United Kingdom)
No effect

Sadly the product did not improve my sons eczema, Good customer service.

Sorry to hear it didn't work for your son. Unfortunately phototherapy doesn't work for everyone. That's why we have the 30 day trial period so you can see if it will work or not. If it doesn't you can send it back to us for a refund. Good luck with your search for a treatment.

Hodge Richard (Highbury, United Kingdom)
Super results

2 weeks of occasional use and It’s like being in the med!
Stick to the treatment times as I burnt myself and I’m olive skinned. Very good quality lamp

Mr martin walters (South Ockendon, United Kingdom)

The lamp seems to be making a difference slowly but I find it almost impossible to use. The problem is I have widespread Psoriasis mainly on my legs and the instructions tell you to place the lamp approx 50mm from the affected area. Trying to position the lamp on the base toward numerous parts of the leg is nigh on impossible so I've realised the only way I can use it is to remove the lamp from the base and physically hold it by hand in the desired area. I'm going to get rid of this and buy a cheaper hand held one.

Michelle Bowler (Dublin, Ireland)

Great and easy to use. Great to care for your skin from the comfort of your own home