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Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device

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A Small, face sized Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Lamp suitable for use in your home. Each Lamp comes with 60 x 5w LED diodes in your choice of configuration. The Derma Red P150 runs on 110-240v for use wherever you are in the world.

Product Type: Red Light Therapy

Product Details

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A Small, face sized Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Lamp suitable for use in your home.  Each Lamp comes with 60 x 5w LED diodes in your choice of configuration. The Derma Red P150 runs on 110-240v for use wherever you are in the world.

Dual switches allow you to use 660nm (Red light), 850nm (Near-Infrared ), or a combination of both

Stand-alone or door/wall mounted. We provide an over the door hook for easy mounting.



  • LED Power class: 300 Watts
    • LEDs: 60 x 5W LEDs
    • 30 x LEDs @ 660nm (Red Light)
    • 30 x LEDs @ 850nm (Near-Infrared)
    • Beam angle: 60 degrees
  • Flicker rate: Flicker Free
  • Power Consumption: 88w
  • Amps @220v: 0.37A
    • Voltage: 100-240V (Works Worldwide. Supplied with a plug suitable for your location)



      • 80 mW/cm2 at 6"
      • 40 mW/cm2 at 12"
        • 20 mW/cm2 at 18"


            EMF Levels (measured with a TriField TF2 Meter):

            • 6 V/m @ 3"
            • 1 V/m @ 6"
            • 5.4 mG @ 3"
            • 0.9 mG @ 6"


                Other Information:

                  • Cooling Fans: 2
                  • LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
                  • Dimensions: 310 x 210 x 65mm
                  • Weight: 3Kg


                    What’s in the box?


                    • Derma Red P150
                    • Power cord (custom for your location)
                    • Door hook
                    • Steel braided hanging cable
                    • Eye protection
                    • User guide 

                    POWER DENSITY

                    We have measured the power density of all our devices. For the P150, the data is below

                    Derma Red P150 Power Density

                    WHICH SIZE SHOULD I CHOOSE? 

                    We Recommend the following:

                    Derma Red P900 for Maximum Power
                    Derma Red P600 for a larger treatment area
                    Derma Red P300 for smaller treatment area
                    Derma Red P150 for facial treatment
                    Derma Red Mini for small / spot treatment

                    Derma Red sizes vs the average human body


                    DERMA RED COMPARISONS

                    Derma Red Comparisons

                    As seen on The Beauty Maverick

                    30 day guaratee
                    We are so confident that you will see results within a few weeks we offer a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.  The Derma Red P300 also comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.  If it breaks for any reason, return it to us within two years of ordering and we will fix the issue or ship you a new one!

                    worldwide shippingSatisfaction 100% Guaranteed 

                    Product Reviews

                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 15 reviews
                    Andrea Krudy (Northampton, United Kingdom)

                    If you are looking to improve your skin, red light got rid of all my sun spots and pigmentation and the quality of my skin has improved a lot too. I read somewhere that infrared will bring discoloration out so I only use that on my body. This is a great quality lamp and I love using it.

                    katerina valle (Verona, Italy)
                    Great Customer Service

                    Will recommend

                    Helena Skrbec (Novo Mesto, Slovenia)
                    I love this lamp!

                    I’ve been using it 5-6 times/week, for good three months now. I use it to relieve my back pain and as an anti-aging treatment on my face; and my partner uses it for his hip pain. We both get GREAT results. I was a little sceptical about it’s anti-aging claims, but I can confirm, that I have noticed my skin is much plumper and fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes are reduced. I can recommend this lamp.

                    Sarah Turner
                    Really happy with this lamp

                    I've had this lamp for about 6 months now and am fond of it and use it every day. One thing that I would be a great addition to the product is if there was a less bright setting that could be used for ambient lighting in the evening!

                    Rachel Wall
                    So far so good

                    It's only early days yet, however shipping was fast and it arrived in perfect condition. I did however have to purchase an universal adapter as the plug did not match the socket. Iam happy with my purchase👍

                    Joanne Clements
                    P150 review

                    I bought the lamp mainly for skincare and I hold the back of my hands up next to my face so they get the benefits too.  I then decided to use it on the back of my neck as well and have now used it everyday for a month.  The biggest difference has been to my neck. I am very happy with the results and now wish I had bought a larger version.

                    Emily Eheim
                    So happy I have this product.

                    Fast delivery and well packaged. The lamp is very well made and the fans are super quiet. I am using this at the moment for the Mortons Neuroma on my foot. After about a week and a half I have definitely noticed a big difference. Hasn’t fixed the problem and I don’t expect it to but at least I can put my foot on the floor without tears. I can surely recommend this product. I plan to start using it for wrinkle treatment soon as well and if it shows promise there, I will purchase a larger unit.

                    Helen O’Donnell
                    Not sure yet I don’t see any change so far

                    It’s easy to use

                    Schanda Moore
                    Great company!

                    The company answered all my questions and were really patience. I purchased this product for anti aging for myself and for arthritis for my mom. Its to early to tell if it works. One thing I have noticed is that my skin is smoother ad it did help my mons pain. Over all I do think this product is worth the money. Customer service was awesome!

                    Gurvinder Bhogal
                    Thanks 🙏

                    I am currently still using it and I feel it is to early to report any results

                    Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device
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