Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device
Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device

Derma Red P150: Red & Near-Infrared Light Device

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The Derma Red P150 is a small, face-sized light device that can be used in the comfort of your home, featuring 60 5w LED diodes in your desired configuration. Compatible with 110-240v, the device offers dual switches for easy toggling between 660nm (Red light), 850nm (Near-Infrared), or a combination of both. It is designed to be either stand-alone or door/wall mounted, including an over the door hook for effortless installation.




  • LED Power class: 300 Watts
    • LEDs: 60 x 5W LEDs
    • 30 x LEDs @ 660nm (Red Light)
    • 30 x LEDs @ 850nm (Near-Infrared)
    • Beam angle: 60 degrees
  • Flicker rate: Flicker Free
  • Power Consumption: 88w
  • Amps @220v: 0.37A
    • Voltage: 100-240V (Works Worldwide. Supplied with a plug suitable for your location)



      • 80 mW/cm2 at 6"
      • 40 mW/cm2 at 12"
        • 20 mW/cm2 at 18"


            EMF Levels (measured with a TriField TF2 Meter):

            • 6 V/m @ 3"
            • 1 V/m @ 6"
            • 5.4 mG @ 3"
            • 0.9 mG @ 6"


                Other Information:

                  • Cooling Fans: 2
                  • LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
                  • Dimensions: 310 x 210 x 65mm
                  • Weight: 3Kg


                    What’s in the box?


                    • Derma Red P150
                    • Power cord (custom for your location)
                    • Door hook
                    • Steel braided hanging cable
                    • Eye protection
                    • User guide 

                    POWER DENSITY

                    We have measured the power density of all our devices. For the P150, the data is below

                    WHICH SIZE SHOULD I CHOOSE? 

                    We Recommend the following:

                    Derma Red P900 for Maximum Power
                    Derma Red P600 for a larger treatment area
                    Derma Red P300 for smaller treatment area
                    Derma Red P150 for facial treatment
                    Derma Red Mini for small / spot treatment

                    Derma Red sizes vs the average human body


                    DERMA RED COMPARISONS

                    Derma Red Comparisons

                    As seen on The Beauty Maverick

                    30 day guaratee

                    We are so confident that you will see results within a few weeks we offer a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.  The Derma Red P300 also comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.  If it breaks for any reason, return it to us within two years of ordering and we will fix the issue or ship you a new one!

                    worldwide shippingSatisfaction 100% Guaranteed 

                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 20 reviews
                    Wendy Leeson (London, United Kingdom)

                    I think it is great! A friend bought a large panel for £500 and she said that we must not eat for 2 hours before and 2 hours after using the panel. Does that apply to the small panel that I have as well?
                    It did not mention that in my instruction pamphlet.
                    Looking forward to hearing from you.
                    Do you stock the LED pad?

                    William Saunderson-Meyer (Loule, Portugal)
                    Great product, dreadful service

                    1. On the quality of the product-build and the way it works, as well as the impressive research that they cite for its application, the P150 is outstanding. A 10/10.

                    2. But the service is appalling. A 0/10. They ignored my pre-purchase emails and in-purchase choices, which meant that a British product was shipped to my EU address without the duties and clearances being prepaid. That mean long delays and extra charges, including for the courier to effect custom clearance. That upped the purchase price by at least 50%, never mind the bureaucratic hassle.

                    And to add insult to injury, they shipped it without any power cord, never mind the two-pin Euro cord that I'd selected, as opposed to the UK three-pin. They admittedly then went to some effort to rectify matters, shipping a new cord via Amazon Germany, to avoid extra costs. However, they somehow gave incomplete address details, so even more delays and hassles.

                    Long story, short, it depends on how desperate you are. But unless you're buying in the UK, anyone residing in Europe or the rest of the world, beware.

                    Thanks you for taking the time to write the review. We do appreciate it.

                    I do just want to clarify a couple of things.

                    With regards you having to pay import duty, this was because you ordered through our website without waiting for a Delivery Duty Paid quote. Normally we reach out to couriers who then quote us. We pass this quote on and if acceptable to the customer we send an invoice. This obviously doesn't apply when the product is purchased directly through our website.

                    We did source a replacement power cable for you and the issue with the delivery of this item was that the delivery address was incomplete. This was the address you gave us when ordering. You can check your original order email to confirm this. Thankfully once we clarified there was extra information in your address that you had not included (namely the house number) we could rectify that issue and the replacement part was then swiftly delivered.

                    We apologise for the error in not originally sending you the EU plug and understand your frustration. We hope you get the results you are hoping for with your product.

                    Melanie Hanson (Hartlepool, United Kingdom)
                    Derma P150

                    I have been using it every day. But no results yet!

                    Robert Oliver (Feltham, United Kingdom)
                    Waiting for results but very happy with my purchase

                    The lamp arrived within a couple of days as promised. It was well packaged and completely as described. It appears to be very well made and comes with all the equipment required to use as free standing or hung on a door. I feel that it is competitively priced and good value for money. I have not used it for long but hopefully it can help with my Mums arthritis pain and her lack of night sleeping. The sales team were also easy to contact and were very helpful. Overall I am very pleased with the product and service received. Thank you.

                    Janka Troeber (Camberwell, United Kingdom)

                    It works fine but it's a little too early to tell whether it helps with scarring and anti ageing. I've been using it everyday for 5 mins on my scar and on my face but can't really see any difference yet. I guess I have to give it a few more months.

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