Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450
Derma Red PLUS P450

Derma Red PLUS P450

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The PLUS range are the most advanced and highest specification lamps on offer.

The Derma Red P450 PLUS contains 4 Wavelengths of light. 630nm, 660nm, 830nm, and 850nm to give you a broader range of red and infrared light.

There are 160 Dual Chip, 5W LED's giving maximum power output.

This device is flicker-free thanks to the upgraded power drivers used to power the LEDs

The Lamp is controlled using a digital control panel which not only allows you to use all the LEDs but allows you to choose only the red (630&660nm) or near-infrared (830&850nm) wavelengths of light as well.

The Control panel also contains a timer allowing the light to turn itself off after your chosen amount of time.

The Modular design allows these lights to be linked physically and electronically linked together, allowing you to build your own array of devices.

Connect your P450 PLUS to either other P450 PLUS models or the larger P900 PLUS models.

Once linked together you use just one of the lights to control all of the lights.

The lamp can be hung using the supplied door hook and cables or can be mounted to one of our stands.

Rubber feet on the back of the unit protect the surface you are hanging it from.

This Derma Red P450 PLUS comes with a 3 Year limited warranty.

• 154 mW/cm2 at 6"
• 128 mW/cm2 at 12"
• 88 mW/cm2 at 18"
• 60 mW/cm2 at 24"
• 44 mW/cm2 at 30"
• 34 mW/cm2 at 36"
• 27 mW/cm2 at 42"

*Readings taken from a Tenmars TM206 Meter

• LED Power class: 750 Watts
• Power Consumption: 292w
• LEDs: 150 x 5W LEDs
• 40 x LEDs @ 630nm (Red Light)
• 40 x LEDs @ 660nm (Red Light)
• 35 x LEDs @ 830nm (Near-Infrared)
• 35 x LEDs @ 850nm (Near-Infrared)
• Beam angle: 60 degrees
• Amps @220v: 1.23A
• Voltage: 100-240V (Works Worldwide)
• Flicker rate: Flicker Free
• Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 101 mm
• Weight: 5.9Kg

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Red Light Therapy

In the comfort of your own home
Advanced Light Spectrum
4 Wavelengths of light

The PLUS range contains 4 of the most widely, clinically studied wavelengths of red light





Integrated digital control panel controls all features of The Derma Red PLUS.
Digital Control Panel

Inbuilt timer

An Inbuilt timer allows you to set a timer in one minute increments up to 20 minutes

Select your light type.

You can choose for all the lights to come on, Just Visible red light (630 & 660nm) or just Near-infra red (830 & 850nm)

Create a bespoke system for your needs
Modular design

Combine multiple devices both physically and electronically

Control all the devices with only one digital control panel

Advanced LED power drivers minimize flicker
No Flicker and Low EMF

Advanced shielding technology reduces harmful EMF's to zero from the recommended treatment distance of 6 inches

Compatible with multiple mounting systems
Maximum mounting options

Door hanging kit (included)

Vertical Stand

Horizontal Stand

Wheel boot

Product Comparison

Derma Red P300 PLUS Red Light Therapy UK P300 PLUS Derma Red P450 PLUS Red Light Therapy UKP450 PLUS Derma Red P600 PLUS Red Light Therapy UKP600 PLUS Derma Red P900 PLUS Red Light Therapy UK P900 PLUS
Size 485 x 220 x 101 mm 500 x 300 x 101 mm 900 x 220 x 101 mm 915 x 300 x 101 mm
Weight 4.4 kg 5.9 kg 7.6 kg 10.2 kg
LEDs 100 x 5 watt 150 x 5 watt 200 x 5 watt 300 x 5 watt
Consumed power 189 watts 292 watts 386 watts 566 watts
Cooling Fans 2 2 4 6
Beam Angle 60 Degrees 60 Degrees 60 Degrees 60 Degrees
Power Density / Irradiance 148 mW/cm² at 6" 154 mW/cm2 at 6" 146 mW/cm² at 6" 154 mW/cm2 at 6"
EMF 0.0 μT at 6" 0.0 μT at 6" 0.0 μT at 6" 0.0 μT at 6"
Flicker free
630nm, 660nm, 830nm, 850nm Wavelengths
Digital Control Panel
Inbuilt timer
Modular Design
Stand Compatable
3 Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sharon Liddle (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Great product, excellent customer service

I am really pleased with the lamp. It is exactly as advertised. It is too soon to predict the long term impact but am happy with the short term effect. Customer service was excellent. I made an error when inputting my address but they were extremely helpful and accomodating.

Ross Wood (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Very happy

Great service from start to finish. Highly informative phone call initially with Ian who was extremely professional, followed by superfast delivery. My partner suffers with MS and is finding the light really helps with aches and pains and relaxation. She always suffered with cold hands and a feeling of being cold inside and this seems to have completely taken that away. She's also noticing her mobility has improved. We bought it with the stand so she can lay underneath it and we can wheel it over different areas. The stand seemed pricey to me but I'm so glad we got it as makes use so much easier and it's extremely durable and good quality and can accommodate extra panels as we add to it in the future, so it's worth every penny. This isn't medical advice and just our experience but it really seems to be helping. As for the kit itself, very well made and appears to be great quality and the digital display and timer couldn't be simpler to use. Honestly can't fault Care Lamps and would highly recommend.

Kris Bogaers (Lanaken, Belgium)

Love the device.

Sue (Leigh, United Kingdom)
Health improvements

As recommended, I’m eating a healthy diet (low carb) alongside use of the Derma Red PLUS P450 for 10 minutes daily on each area. In the last month, I’ve lost a couple of inches from my waist, hips and chest. Significantly, my vision became noticeably clearer after three days usage. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Derma Red PLUS P450 will do for my chronic health conditions over the coming months.

Georgia (Harlow, United Kingdom)
Happy with my purchase

Its built really well and its easy to set up. Feels powerful.
I've loved sitting or laying in front of it and after using it for 35 days straight I can say my whole body has more of a glow to it.
I didn't get a stand when i bought it although I will definitely be looking to get one in the near future for more positions and height change.
My only criticisms would be
1. It doesn't come with a helpful as one would be and 2. The courier left it outside my front door like it didnt cost anything. Other than that Great product. Great service.

What's in the box?

Derma Red PLUS Device

Instruction Manual

Door hanging kit

Eye protection

Mains Power Cable

Modular connection cables