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Derma Red Mini: Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device

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A small Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Light with your choice of wavelengths and power cord. Made with 12 near-infrared and red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths. At maximum range, this product can cover a circular area with a diameter of 40cm.

Product Type: Red Light Therapy

Product Details

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A small Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Light with your choice of wavelengths and power cord. Made with 12 near-infrared and red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths. At maximum range, this product can cover a circular area with a diameter of 40cm.

  • 95 mW/cm² @15cm
  • 20 mW/cm² @ 61cm
  • LED Power 24w
  • Consumption: 17w
  • Comes with your choice of power cable
  • Fits any e27/screw lamp


  • Dimensions – 12 cm x 15 cm
  • Beam angle: 30 degrees
  • Completely silent
  • Accepts worldwide voltages
  • LED lifespan of 50,000+ hours
  • Includes free power cord

What’s in the box?


  • Derma Red Mini - You can choose between the following: 660nm, 850nm or a combination model (660nm & 850nm)
  • Power cord
  • User guide

Which model should you choose?

Each of the bulbs contains 12 LEDs. 

The 600nm Model contains 12 x 660nm LEDs.
The 850nm model contains 12 x 850nm LEDs
The combination model contains 6 x 660nm LEDs and 6x 850nm LEDs

Visible red light (660nm) is generally aimed towards improving your skin condition whereas near infrared (850nm) is used for deeper tissue issues.

This does not mean that they are exclusively used for these purposes.  Studies have shown there is a lot of overlap in the benefits received using wither wavelength.

As a general rule, we would suggest the combination model so you get both wavelengths of light. 


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Can you switch between the wavelengths of the combination model?

No, the bulbs can only be switched on or off.  Either all the LEDs are on or they are off.




We Recommend the following:

Derma Red P900 for Maximum Power
Derma Red P600 for a larger treatment area
Derma Red P300 for smaller treatment area
Derma Red P150 for facial treatment
Derma Red Mini for small / spot treatment

Derma Red sizes vs the average human body



Derma Red Comparisons

30 day guaratee
We are so confident that you will see results within a few weeks we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.  The Derma Red P600 also comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.  If it breaks for any reason, return it to us within two years of ordering and we will fix the issue or ship you a new one!

worldwide shippingSatisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Caroline Nicholas (962182784) (Lisbon, Portugal)
Mini lamp

I have given the item an average score because I understood it was coming from within the EU but in fact it didn’t and it took several weeks to arrive and cost a further almost 30 euros in customs duties. I would not have purchased it if this information had been clear.

Vladimir Venkov
Very good quality product

Quick delibery and top quality product. Thanks!

SW (London, United Kingdom)
Great little device

Robust and portable. Nice device. Recommended.

Christian Bates (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Love it

This is my second red light and again I love it. I also bought the smaller one so I could target specific areas and also conveniently use it whilst in different rooms around the house.

Teresa Devaney. (Beaumont, Ireland)

Because it's hand held. I feel I'm gauging my distance and my use is short.perhaps in hindsight the one that hangs would be easier to use.

Great customer service

I had some issues with the currier but Ian from customer service was amazing and helped me more than I expected. The light therapy device works well and it's bigger than I thought. I recommend it!

Vera Batista
Derma Red Mini

The mini lamp works really well on recent strain injuries but it takes a while on old bone/ muscle injuries! Just over a month of usage so it is still early! It is just a pity that it does not come with a lamp holder but I bought one separately. Great service and great lamp overall. Many thanks!!

Chris Adam
Very effective

Easy to use love this lamp. - very good after sales advice —

Tania Attar
Really good quality Red Lamp

I am loving this lamp.
Only thing is that it says you receive a user guide but there was none in my box.
That's not helpful for first timers.

Amy Smith-Türk
Derma Red mini

Very affordable place to start and has been a great help for my Dad with muscular pain.

Derma Red Mini: Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device
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£75.00 GBP
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    £75.00 GBP
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  • 850 / UK -
    £75.00 GBP
  • 850 / Europe - Sold out
  • 660 & 850 / UK - Sold out
  • 660 & 850 / Europe - Sold out